Film maker, Production Designer & Visual Artist


Sumit Mishra is a non-conformist homegrown visual creator, who expresses himself through different mediums of art & media that reflect the metamorphosis of nature and society.

 He ardently believes that the various mediums are tools to express and depict the art that he affirms along with a voice of his values and spirit. Through his art -forms one can sense the journey from his homeland Darbhanga to Mumbai which captures the essence of colors, emotions, and worldliness.

 His movies, paintings, and art design celebrate the human freedom of mind, body, and soul. His paintings celebrate the liberation and seek the progression for change of the socio-eco culture. Also, he is in a constant endeavor to tryst students and acquaints them with Indian literature, which he has gained through in-depth study and research.  

His romance with Banaras & elusive Maya-the mythical modern woman introduces you to a pristine panorama of the city. He possesses an exceptional ability to render people into a vivid dramatic guise. The stories reflect the enormity of the retro-regressive outlook of humankind with a dash of uncompromising realism.

Sumit Mishra‘s work depicts - revolution with an independent view of the histographical norms of the human mind.